This product USES the single chip microcomputer control system + high precision temperature measuring probe, on temperature control performance and precision of temperature control is superior to similar products. This product three window design, start and stop values real-time display, and have intermittent work, time switch machine, and other functions, grown in the greenhouse, aquatic animal husbandry and aquaculture, room temperature control, etc. Can be widely used, is the good assistant of the life that occupy the home!
Second, the main parameters:
Product name: high precision digital temperature controller
Specifications: XH – W1411
Temperature measurement range: 55 ~ + 120 ℃
Temperature measuring accuracy: plus or minus 0.3 ℃
Resolution: 0.1 ℃
Temperature control range: – 19 ~ 99 ℃
Accuracy: 1 ℃
Temperature measuring probe: NTC10K/B3950 standard 1 meters waterproof probe
Power supply voltage: DC12V
Display colors: red, green, blue and yellow (optional)
Applicable environment: – 25 to 55 degrees moisture 20% – 20% (gel)
The output type: 10. A relay output
Appearance size: 90 * 60 mm
Hole size: 70 * 50 mm
Method of use:
1, authors product plug screen display temperature on household socket, illustrate the power supply is connected correctly
2, put the temperature probe need to temperature control, according to the need to set the start and stop the temperature
3, the heating or cooling equipment power supply plug on the thermostat outlet temperature control can be realized
After power on if the temperature in the range, immediately start output, to the set point to stop
Start temperature < stop temperature: heating mode
Want to control the hot water to 60 degrees to stop, for example, to 45 degrees to start again, then start the value should be 45, stop has a value of 60
: start temperature > stop temperature cooling mode
For example the summer want to start the fan control canopy above 35 degrees and stop, when to 32 degrees then start should be set to 35, stop set to 32
SET: function keys/switch machine key
On long press press SET for 3 seconds to shut down, to turn it off if power remains off
In the shutdown state according to a SET to boot, boot if power remains on
Normal temperature control condition according to a SET swappable ~ F F – 1-3
Intermittent work mode unit F – 1 minute The left boot minutes The right to stop minutes
F – 2 regular shutdown The left hours On the right side of the minutes Maximum 99 hours and 59 minutes
F – 3 timing boot The left hours On the right side of the minutes Maximum 99 hours and 59 minutes
Temperature correction: remove the thermostat hold SET to electricity, plug into the temperature correction function, the screen – $000 -, but in front of the correction of temperature on the basis of plus or minus temperature, maximum range 9.9 ~ + 99, after the completion of the correction
Real-time temperature = temperature + correction before correction
Hold down the start (+ -) boot can enter the self-check function
Hold down the + – (stop) boot can restore the factory Settings
Fifth, to restore the factory:
If the setting error or set chaos can hold down the stop two key boot to restore the factory Settings
Screen display 88-888-88, buzzer flute, recovery is complete
Default values start 25, stop 40 01-10 F F – 1-2 00 00-30 F – 3-30 = 000
Seven, troubleshooting:
1, no reaction, the screen is not bright
To check whether there is electric socket, can use the same plug of other electric equipment check, if there is a electric check the thermostat, was shut down, according to a SET up
2, the screen can display, but cannot reach the temperature control function
If the temperature is set right, but the start don’t start, to stop don’t stop it is possible to start and stop the set data error, please to drop down value and stop values
More than 3, the temperature changes control
This controller is a type of control and also start when the red light is bright, the green light to stop time, if the control indicator in the process of change is right, but temperature had rushed explain the thermostat is good, you can reduce your heating/cooling efficiency can be resolved
4, temperature measurement with actual deviation
Among the thermostat display real-time temperature, if you feel that now temperature thermostat for 30 degrees according to 29.6, you can enter the temperature correction, hold down the school SET up temperature can be SET at 0.4, real-time temperature is 31.2, if you think is 30 May fall correction to 1.2 temperature so that you can get what you want
5, other faults and matters not mentioned herein can be with your company
Eight, use the matters needing attention:
Be sure to carefully read this manual first to use this product
1, this product is a three plugs please socket with ground wire
2, the thermostat host is not waterproof, avoid water, it is forbidden to bring into the bathroom to use or outdoor use
3, the use of power is greater than the product is forbidden nominal power or cause permanent damage and danger
4, the actual temperature control should pay attention to observe whether temperature control is executed correctly before leaving.

  • اطلاعات عمومی
    ابعاد 25*60*90 میلی متر
    تغذیه 12 ولت dc
    اطلاعات تخصصی
    رنج اندازه گیری دما 55- الی 120+ درجه سانتیگراد
    دقت اندازه گیری دما 0.3+- درجه
    رزولوشن 0.1 درجه
    محدوده کنترل دما 19- الی 99 درجه سانتیگراد
    دقت 1 درجه
    محدوده دما و رطوبت کاری 25- الی 55+ درجه و روطوبت %20
    نوع خروجی خروجی رله 10 آمپر