When you get the board, insert the SIM card and check the DIP switch is correct, note: SIM card holder in the back of the adapter plate A6; DIP switch 1,3,5,6 open it
Plug USB, turn on the power can be turned on
The boot process due to the start-up module and Shun can link cloud, the process may take longer
Open the serial port, you can see the boot process serial output, default serial port to send data can be forwarded directly to the A6 module can be directly knock AT test
If you want to call, enter the destination number via the keyboard, you can press the dial key, default headset, pay attention to plug in your headphones (with MIC), if you want to hang up the phone, press the key again you can dial in the input state long press dial / delete key to backspace to delete characters
If finished entering numbers, press the SMS button to send a test message destination number

GPRS data services available through EMC App, you can control the development board three color lights, buzzer
DIP switch description
MCU_MAIN_RXD 51 microcontroller serial download RXD
MCU_MAIN_TXD 51 microcontroller serial port TXD download
MCU_AT_RXD 51 microcontroller module RXD connection A6
MCU_AT_TXD 51 microcontroller module TXD connection A6

  • اطلاعات عمومی
    ابعاد 2.5*16.8*22.8 سانتی متر
    تغذیه 3.3 - 4.2 ولت
    جریان 3 میلی آمپر
    اطلاعات تخصصی
    ارسال و دریافت SMS
    ارسال وایرلس دیتا
    تتماس صوتی
    کلاس GPRS 10
    نرخ دانلود و آپلود GPRS دانلود : 85.6Kbps --- آپلود : 42.8Kbps
    تعداد پورت های سریال 2 عدد : یکی برای دانلود و دیگری برای دستورات AT
    سایر توضیحات

     پشتیبانی از دستورات AT --پشتیبانی از ANALOG AUDIO , DIGITALL AUDIO برای HR-FR-EFR-AMR

    Support the GSM / GPRS four bands, including 850,900,1800,1900MHZ Supports standard --GSM07.07,07.05 AT commands and extended commands Ai Thinker AT command supports the standard AT and TCP / IP command-- interface Support ROHS, FCC, CE, CTA certification SMT 42PIN package