Category: Digital sensor
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz to 5.8Ghz
Size :20mm x 40mm
1, independent of temperature, humidity, airflow, dust, noise, light and dark and other effects, anti-jamming;
2, the microwave transceiver module is a field-shaped signal, wide coverage and no blind spots;
3, during transmission of microwave induced effect is relatively good: when used indoors, the better

Note about Power
Recommends qualified DC power supply, that is, the output voltage, current and ripple factor are all standard DC power supply, otherwise Movies Rang stability of this product, there may be some exceptions, such as: false, no newspaper, circulating auto-start, and so on.
Note about false positives
1, to ensure the eligibility of the power supply, please refer to the first item;
2, the test to ensure that the products being tested are not surrounding a moving object (sensing range);
3, approximately 10s-30s after power initialization time, during this period are non-normal induction, may cause false positives false image;
4, when tested indoors, the sensor is relatively sensitive to the surrounding need to remain static, and to ensure that the end of the first sensor signal before the next cycle Step test; outdoor test, be sure to pay attention to the dynamics of the surrounding environment, such as birds, pedestrians, passing cars and the like;
5, the signal current of the module output is very weak, high-power direct drive through the drive tube, it may easily lead to false positives.